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Michigan Law Now Requires Power of Attorney “Acceptance”

A recently revised Michigan Statute requires power of attorney “Acceptance” (and Other Formalities). Michigan law has long required signed “acceptances” for Medical Powers of Attorneys/Patient Advocate Designations. But now, the passage of Michigan Public Act 141 of 2012 marks a

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Transferring Home Out From Trust

Does transferring my home out of my Trust result in uncapping the property taxes?

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Titling Assets

Did you know that your estate does not necessarily avoid going through the probate court process just because you established a living trust?  You must also arrange to transfer “titled” assets, with some of them going into your trust.  The

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Mental Capacity

On our “Frequently Asked Questions” page we discuss the issue of incompetence or other disability.  How is this matter defined under Michigan law?  In Michigan, an individual who is 18 years of age or older and who has sufficient mental

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